Middle Market M&A Snapshot - 2014

Middle market companies with over 169 million employees and $16.6 trillion in sales contribute $11.5 trillion to the world GDP. This was indicated in a recent HSBC report, Hidden Impact: The Vital Role of Mid-Market Enterprises.

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Chinese Outbound M&A Trends

China’s economic rise has entered into an interesting phase from an historical perspective. While China is still logging 7+% growth a year, many regions in the world economy are growing 1% or less and in some cases, even contracting. As a result China needs to rebalance their economy from an export led growth model to a domestic consumption driven model. At the same time, Chinese companies flushed with cash are looking for value acquisitions in countries currently facing more acute economic challenges. China is well positioned to acquire some interesting assets and companies all over the world to compliment the needs of their domestic economy.

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2012 Outlook for Asia PE Funds


Stratiqa talks to Asian Private Equity investors. Investors remain bullish and will commit the same amount of capital or even more. The focus will be local, focusing on home markets and close neighbouring markets.

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